How love yourself more and how to deal with stress in life

love yourself or nobody will and deal with stress in life, I believe the most powerful form of self-love is self-care. What does self care do for you

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Let's talk today about how to love yourself while keeping stress away, and how you can respect your amazing body. I believe the most powerful form of self-love is self-care. But do we really understand what this concept means? And how can we keep it high on our priority list and take care of ourselves again with whatever is happening in our life?

Love yourself or nobody will:

In today's article, you will learn about ways to love yourself by taking care of yourself and at the same time reducing stress. Your number one place to get the body you love and the strength and energy to achieve what you want. "Self-care" is a term we're all too busy with, go-to ladies, because it's at the top of our minds when we talk about what our lives are lacking.

Let's talk about how infatuated we are with our most basic needs. And by that I mean the need for food, water, sleep, movement and rest. For our body to function at its best, we need nutritious food, plenty of water, at least 7 hours of sleep, regular walks and rest for our mind. If we get this right, we can reach the state of peak performance and well-being that we all aspire to.

How can you love yourself -

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Plus, you show your body how much you love yourself. Self-care is nothing more than taking care of these physical needs. Yes, you could argue that massaging or applying body lotion at night counts as an act of self-care. But fundamentally, and what ultimately affects your sense of well-being, is whether you give your body what it asks of you.

Well, it's not that straightforward. Because when we rush through our busy days, it's easy to overlook the signals our body is sending us—that we need something like water, or food, or movement. 'Because sometimes, these symptoms are predominant, such as hunger or thirst, but usually, they are debilitating, such as when we feel dizzy or sleepy, or we have a headache.

What do we usually do in these situations? get a coffee? However, really, we should just drink more water, take a deep breath, or stretch a little. So, what can we do to make self-care a priority and finally start really loving ourselves?

What does self care do for you -

First and foremost: practice listening to your body again! A good way to start is to stop what you're doing every 30 minutes and do a quick scan of your body. Notice whether you feel hungry or stressed. Try to feel your feet, legs, arms, fingers and all other parts of your body. That way, you're directing blood flow into them.

Drink some water, even if you don't feel thirsty - it can only do you good. And try to respect your body whether you're tired or in need of fresh air. In this way, you enforce the feeling of care you take for yourself. My brief explanation of why to love yourself begins with self-care.

For the rest of the time, practice listening to your body. Every 30 minutes, I want you to stop what you're doing and do a quick scan of your body. Feel that you are tired, hungry, thirsty or stressed. Drink some water, and try to give your body what it asks of you.

Try to reduce stress:

Now we will know how to reduce stress, so that we can get a very friendly one. And to try to reduce stress in our lives, and to give you practical tools to better deal with it so that we can avoid the negative effects of stress on our beautiful, active bodies.

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Stress has become such an accepted condition of being in our society, it's scary. If we're not constantly running from meeting to meeting, multi-tasking, and being online all the time, we tend to feel like people think we're lazy, unproductive, or antisocial.

For our well-being, our looks, and most importantly, our health, we need to be free from stress as I am going to explain in a bit. Preventing it is not always easy but it is necessary to try, so let's find out how we can increase our resistance to stress, so that we stay young and beautiful.

First, and I'm sure you've heard some of what I'm about to say now, let's briefly explain why stress is so harmful to our health.

Negative effects of stress on our health:

Constant stress can make even the most beautiful, strong, performing superwoman super-weak, mentally and physically exhausted, flabby and overly emotional.

  • Medical research has proven time and again that stress impairs our immune system.
  • It slows down our digestion, breaks down our skin, hardens our muscles, and affects our sleep patterns, and leads us to all kinds of negative effects.
  • Studies have shown that prolonged stress can also lead to mental illnesses, burnout, chronic fatigue, etc.
  • Stress is actually one of the main causes of excess fat. When we are stressed, angry or anxious, our body floods with adrenaline and produces a stress hormone called cortisol, which gets us into fight mode (which is our body's response to resist or run away). .
  • It releases sugar into our blood as energy. But since we're not actually physically fighting or running away from the situation we're stressed about, this sugar keeps floating around in our bodies until it's on our stomachs and around our waists. Does not settle as fat.

So, do yourself a favor and check again if the thing you are stressing about is really worth your health and looking great!

Ways to reduce stress levels:

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Now let's talk about what we can do to reduce stress.

  • Regular exercise and meditation keep stress levels under control.
  • To avoid stress, first, stop worrying about someone else's opinion, stop being representative, stop pleasing people, and learn to say "no."
  • Sometimes, when you're under extreme stress at work, it's better to stay home and take a break than go to the gym that week.

What else can you do?

From a nutritional point of view -

  • In your diet, reduce certain foods that put your body under the extra stress that comes from dealing with them.
  • I'm talking specifically about sugar and processed foods, but also about caffeine and alcohol.
  • Yet, if we can't eliminate stress in our lives, how can we support our bodies to deal with it better?
  • Great foods to give us immunity boost are vitamin C and other antioxidants like berries or leafy green vegetables.

You should also eat anti-bacterial foods such as garlic, foods that contain high amounts of zinc (such as shellfish or chickpeas), and yogurt and those with active cultures of beneficial gut bacteria. Other great stress-reducing foods are ginger, oats and almonds.

Next, we build up our stress gradient, which can be done by increasing the levels of certain neurotransmitters. This is our personal range of stress tolerance. These are chemical messengers that help our cells communicate with each other.

First, we want to increase serotonin, also known as the "happiness molecule," as it is essential for a positive mood. To manufacture serotonin, we need to manufacture its precursor tryptophan, which is found in eggs, salmon, milk, nuts, or tofu, for example. We then help our bodies access tryptophan by eating healthy complex carbs.

Also avoid excessive coffee, as it inhibits serotonin production. The second neurotransmitter we want to boost is dopamine, which gives us motivation. It is also a growth hormone, so it keeps us young. We can increase dopamine levels by eating the right foods, such as eggs, or fish, or beets, or by drinking green tea or exercising.

Make a resolution of 3 things to do to better deal with stress.

  • The first thing should be related to how you can reduce the stress in your life.
  • Secondly, how can you increase your immune system (like eating curd with jamun in the morning).
  • The third is how you can increase your stress shield (like eating fish once a week, or eating only 1 instead of 3 coffees a day).


On how we can better deal with stress and stay young and slim, let's reduce the feeling of being stressed through exercise, meditation, mental work, and eating well. And bolster our stress response by building up our immune system and boosting our stress shield. 

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