What is depression? Overview, symptoms of depression, types and treatment.

Depression has become a very common disease today, so we have divided this topic into 2 parts, in the first part we will know what is depression


Depression has become a very common disease today, so we have divided this topic into 2 parts, in the first part we will know what is depression, why depression happens and what are its symptoms. While in the second part we'll learn how to treat it, we'll learn how to overcome it - so let's get started.

What is depression?

Depression, which worries almost all of us today, would be like many of you who are going through depression. Mental illness that affects people of all ages Depression is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world today, due to depression, a person gets upset, he is always worried, something bad is going on in his mind all the time And he wants to be different from others. , Such a person loses interest in people and gets frustrated Such a person feels that everything is over and starts feeling inferior to others.

Depression leaves a person laughing, he likes to be alone, even he stops taking care of himself and he does not feel like doing any work at all. The things he loved, for example a job he loved very much in which he was very active and ready, now the same work has become a burden for him. 

You will lose interest. Your hobbies will go away For example, you used to love to play cricket, you loved to swim, loved to spend time with friends, but now all those hobbies will be gone. Now you will find few or no friends, leaving cricket or swimming means lack of interest. This is a sign of depression.

Symptoms of depression:

A person suffers from depression when a person wants to get something and does not get it. So he keeps thinking about it inside, then that thinking gradually turns into depression. Often it happens when a person does not share his thoughts with his family or friends, but keeps thinking inside. And he himself answers these things, and when he answers them he answers all the negativity. Such a person is nervous and scared, as well as lack of sleep and multitasking can also be the reason for depression.

Multitasking simply means doing more than one task at a time. If these problems persist for a long time, it will be called depression. Now many people go to the doctors in such a state that I can't sleep, I stay awake all night, my thoughts don't go away. So the doctor will give you pills, which can be harmful to your health, for these things you need yourself, not the doctor this is the person who thinks good about you. In this case, you need your family and friends.

Increase your will power:

Sometimes depression can be seen as something that is not a part of people's experience because of the prejudice of some people and some individuals. I think one of the things and misconceptions is that depression is something that can be easily treated by one's will. And so it is similar to any other chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure where with good treatment you can keep the symptoms under control.

Some of the symptoms you may notice are probably loss of appetite, loss of energy, low mood, loss of sleep, as well as some increased anxiety and sometimes if it is severe enough, you may have to end your life. may have some thoughts or some thoughts about. There are many different treatment options in terms of treatment options. What we try to use is a biopsychosocial approach where we use some drug management, some medications that may be helpful in relieving certain symptoms.

We also use some psychotherapy to address some of the psychological causes of depression and we sometimes use an approach we already use to social work or some other social intervention like exercise and diet. It may also be helpful in improving depression and other mental health problems.

Ways to get rid of depression:

Depression, also known as mental pressure, can occur at any stage of our life. This can happen to a student failing an exam, to a businessman after his business crashes, or to a person breaking up in a relationship. The daily routine of the depressed person becomes disturbed and he fails to manage his work load or his performance is greatly reduced.

He starts feeling sad, hopeless and worthless. His appetite changes. Either he eats a lot or not at all, due to which his body weight increases or decreases rapidly. That's how he sleeps a lot or not at all. He loses his focus and is unable to participate in any activities. If not handled properly, he can even commit suicide.

Deal with depression:

It is important to know and treat depression at the right time. In this situation you can follow the following steps.

First, be sure to stick to the work and just work policy. Just enjoy your present and stop thinking about the past or the future.

Find the source of purest love You will find it from parents, siblings, spouse and children. It's a pleasure to be together. Sharing solves problems.

Discuss your problems to get peace of mind so that you know how to solve problems positively.

Go for a walk or do some sports so that positive hormones are released in the brain to make you happy.

Sit in the sun to reduce negative energy and get vitamins.

Reading funny books will help you a lot.

Listen to good music to lift your mood.

Write down all your problems and hide them. This will also improve your mood and you will also feel relieved. We hope you have got a lot of information about depression.

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