How to protect hair from blow dryer damage

Be sure to use the blow dryer at the lowest possible temperature. Yes, it will take more time to dry the hair but this way the damage will be less but


We all use various electronic devices for hair styling and hair care. But while using these devices, you also have to keep some things in mind. If we do not take care of small things, then our hair gets spoiled instead of looking beautiful. We are writing here some hair care tips which will help in handling your hair during blow dryer or hair dryer.

Protect hair from blow dryer damage:

Be sure to use the blow dryer at the lowest possible temperature. Yes, it will take more time to dry the hair but this way the damage will be less but it will not make your hair hot. Good company hair dryers have easy and good temperature setting. Drying the hair in low hot air will not make the hair weak and dry.

Drying very wet hair (which has dripping water) with a blow dryer can be very harmful to your hair. Dry your hair with a towel first, then blow-dry, failing which the hair becomes frizzy and tangled.

Don't stop blowdrying if you don't want your hair to look like a bird's nest. Take care that there is no moisture in your hair or else your hair will be scattered throughout the day. Completely dry hair looks lighter and shinier.

Do not use a plastic or metal comb in your hair while blow drying. Because they heat up quickly and stick to your hair. Use a hairbrush with bore bristles. Which are soft and do not heat up quickly. These brushes are great for everyday use.

When it comes to proper hair care, why not understand it better? So let's discuss a little more and know about these mistakes related to blow dryer -


It is not possible for any girl to visit the parlor every time for hair styling. Nowadays girls prefer to style their hair on their own. Apart from this, the work of some girls is such that they always have to look presentable and hairstyle has an important place in it. 

In such a situation, they neither have time to go to the parlor everyday nor their pockets allow them to do so. That's why most of the girls keep some hair styling tools like blow dryer etc at home. Since they are very easy to use, girls themselves do different hair styling with its help.

Correct way to use blow dryer -

But did you know that there is also a right way to use a blow dryer? If you use it incorrectly then your hairstyle does not get the perfect look and many times your hair also has to bear the loss of your mistake. Many girls keep making such mistakes unknowingly. 


Not using heat protectant -

If you think your hair looks too dry after a blow dryer, it's your fault. If you do not use a heat protectant before using the blow dryer, it can cause a lot of damage to the hair. Heat protectant not only protects hair from heat damage but also makes hair shiny and makes hair styling last longer.

Without making sections -

Girls often make this mistake. Many times girls use blow dryer to dry the hair without making sections. This dries your hair, but hair styling is not done. It would be better if you make separate small sections of the hair and use a blow dryer. This gives equal heat to all the hair. Also, the look of all the hair also comes good.

Very wet hair -

Usually girls use blow dryer to dry their hair. Believe it or not, at least 80 percent of your hair must already be dry in order to style your hair using a blow dryer with a round brush. If you use a blow dryer directly, you will have to use it for a long time. Using too much heat in the hair makes the hair weak and dry. Therefore, you can use a towel to dry the hair. If you have some time, let the hair air dry on its own. Also, do not bring it too close to the hair while using the blow dryer.

Don't use the wrong brush -

When using a blow dryer, a round brush is used for styling. But have you ever wondered which is the right brush for your hair? It is not considered right to use a metal brush for a blow dryer. Actually, it heats up very fast and can do a lot of damage to your hair. Instead, you can use nylon, bore bristles, ceramic or combination brushes. Use the right size round brush.

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