If you have become a mother for the first time, keep these things in mind.

If you have become a mother for the first time, keep these things in mind.The health of a newborn is very delicate. Your little carelessness can be


The health of the newborn is very critical. Your slight negligence can be dangerous to them. Therefore, it is important for every mother to know about her baby's health and to take good care of her.

If you are a first time mother:

Women not only have to take care of their unborn baby during pregnancy, but after becoming a mother, their responsibility increases even more. A mother has to take care of small things related to the care of the baby. Many times mothers do not know important things in this subject.

How to hold a newborn baby?

You should take care of some simple things like -

Wash your hands often with soap and water after doing some work with a newborn baby. Children's immune systems are less powerful. That is why a child is afraid of getting infected by touching you with dirty hands.

Hold the neck of a newborn baby carefully because their neck develops well only after a few months of birth. Not supporting the neck can lead to a neck sprain or even more dangerous consequences for the baby.  

Do not shake the baby vigorously, as there is a risk of blood clotting in the baby's head.  

Do not use the fan loudly while the baby is sleeping as it makes it difficult for the newborn to breathe.
How to make a child light up with clothes?

First of all, lay a thick towel, and fold one corner of it slightly upwards.

After that, lay the baby's head down on that folded part.

After that, bring the clothes from both sides to the baby's body and twist it.

Fold the bottom cloth straight across the baby's mouth by folding it comfortably.

Remember not to tie the clothes too tight as this will make it difficult for the baby to stretch his legs and also make it difficult to breathe.

Wrapping in cloth should be done only for babies less than 2 months old.

Do's and don'ts while changing diapers?

You can use cloth or disposable diapers for diapers as per your wish and convenience. Whatever you use, you have to change 10 times a day, 70 times a week.

  • A clean diaper.
  • Diaper Ointment.
  • lukewarm water.
  • Clean cloth to wipe.
  • Cotton

Once the diaper is dirty, unwrap the diaper. After that put the baby upside down and dip the cotton in lukewarm water and clean the underside of the baby carefully and wipe it well with a dry cloth.
After that apply diaper ointment and put on a new diaper. The skin turns red due to diapers, so it is necessary to apply diaper ointment. Apart from this, you can also use antibacterial powder.

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If even then the diaper rash does not reduce or the skin looks red, then immediately contact your nearest pediatrician.

How to bathe a newborn baby

You should bathe the newborn only when the baby's umbilical cord does not fall and the navel does not dry properly (up to 1-4 weeks)
It is okay to bathe 2-3 times a week for the first year, but in places with high heat, 4-5 times a week can also be bathed.
Use baby soap, baby shampoo, for bathing. After bathing, wipe the baby thoroughly with a soft clean towel and massage it with baby oil.
While bathing the baby, be careful not to let water get into their eyes and ears. Wipe watery eyes with a soft cloth or cotton.
You can bathe your baby in the tub when he is a little older. For that, take 2-3 inches of lukewarm water in a tub and bathe the baby by sitting in it. Remember, babies can bathe in the tub only when they are able to sit.

Here we are giving you some more such advice, by adopting which you will be able to take adequate care of your newborn baby.

Massage like this:

Massage keeps the blood circulation in the baby's body, the baby's body gets a lot of rest, gets a good night's sleep and his association with the mother is also better. But the mother should massage it carefully.

Always massage with clean hands. If you do not know how to massage your baby properly, you can take training in a maternity class or from an experienced woman. Learn about proper massage techniques.

First, check the lotion or oil you used for massage with the patch test. This will tell if the baby is allergic to lotion or oil.

Getting enough sleep is important:


After the baby is born, the mother wants to spend more time with her, wanting to talk more with her. There is nothing wrong with that either. But remember that after birth, most of a baby's time is spent sleeping.

Never try to force them to wake up. This can affect his growth. If your child wakes up, do not try to force the child to sleep. In fact, most children sleep during the day rather than at night. As a result, the mother's lifestyle is also affected.

For this you need to explain the difference between day and night. Let there be light around it during the day and let there be light noises too. Keep small lights in the room at night and keep the air calm. This will gradually put his process in the right direction.

child's mental development:


The best mental development of a child is possible only in the mother's company. This is the reason why a mother tries to build a better relationship with her baby.

At this point, the mother should speak loudly to her baby, and hug him. When she feels tired, sing a beautiful song to her. This will increase the emotional bond between you and the child and improve the child's mental development.

Other things related to sleep in a newborn baby:

Did you know that a newborn baby sleeps more than 16 hours a day? Children sleep every 3-4 hours. There is no set time for them to sleep. If the baby does not wake up even after 3-4 hours, then it is necessary to fetch it for eating.

It takes time for children to understand night and day. There is nothing to worry about as by the age of three months most newborns are asleep during the day and awake all night.

Do not keep any type of pillow or material on the newborn's bed as it may cause SIDS in the baby. Do not let the baby lie on the same side all the time, turn left and right every few times.

Do not let your child sleep in a closed room. Always put the baby in a ventilated room so that the baby can get fresh air.


Here are some simple facts about a newborn baby that we have told you in this post. Your first priority is to consult a doctor if you have any kind of discomfort. This post is for information only. We hope you enjoyed this article. Don't forget to share the post.

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