If you are troubled by skin tone, then follow these home remedies

Along with the changing seasons, if you are also troubled by the problem of uneven skin tone, then try adopting these home remedies by expperts


Along with the changing seasons, if you are also troubled by the problem of uneven skin tone, then try adopting these home remedies recommended by experts.

Home remedies for uneven skin tone:

With the changing seasons, the health of the skin also gets affected. Especially people who have combination skin, they start having problems with uneven skin tone. In such a situation, the skin becomes dry from somewhere and oily from somewhere. Not only this, it also affects the color of the skin. In such a situation, the color of the skin looks dark at some places and fair at some places.

This problem can occur on the skin of any part of the body. If uneven skin tone starts appearing on the face then it affects the beauty. However, this problem is not permanent and can be got rid of with proper care.

On this subject, beauty experts say that if someone has the problem of uneven skin tone, then he should pay more attention to skin care. For this, you can also give home remedies to the skin using natural things. But at the same time you should also control your eating habits.

Let us know some such home remedies that can help you to overcome this problem.

Face icing

The skin that sweats the most from the face usually turns black. The biggest reason for this is that sweat gets released from the first layer of the skin and this leads to tanning on the skin. If your face sweats a lot, then you should do facial icing regularly for 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that 'do not apply ice directly on the skin. First of all, grind ice and tie it in a cotton cloth and apply it on the face.

Homemade toner

You can also make facial toner at home with natural ingredients. 


You should use a toner according to your skin type. Try to make sure that the ingredients you are using have Vitamin-C and skin whitening properties.

Potato juice

If you have oily skin, grate a potato and extract its juice. You can use potato juice directly on the skin as a facial toner. Potato juice has skin whitening properties.

Cucumber juice

If you have dry skin, use cucumber juice as a toner. Cucumber juice corrects your uneven skin tone and prevents dryness of the skin.

Raw milk

Raw milk is also very beneficial for the skin, It can be applied on both dry and oily skin. If you mix 1 or 2 threads of saffron in raw milk, then it can also be a very effective home remedy to remove the problem of uneven skin.

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Hot towel treatment

Hot towel treatment is done to deeply cleanse the skin and remove the dirt hidden in the pores of the skin. 


If you have the problem of uneven skin tone, then you must try the hot towel treatment on the face. Keeping the skin clean is very important for people with uneven skin. For this, take this treatment once a week.

Homemade face pack

You can also make face packs to correct uneven skin tone with some natural ingredients readily available at home. The method is as follows:-

Yogurt and lemon face pack


    1 tbsp curd
    1 tsp lemon juice



Mix yogurt and lemon juice in a bowl. Then apply it on the face. Wash the face with normal water after 10 to 15 minutes. This face pack is best for those with dry skin.

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Sandalwood Powder and Multani Mitti Face Pack


    1 tsp sandalwood powder
    1 tsp multani mitti
    1 tbsp rose water / raw milk


Mix multani mitti, sandalwood powder and rose water in a bowl. You can also use raw milk instead. Apply this mixture on the face and wash the face with water after 15 minutes. This face pack is best for those with oily skin.

At the end:

Those with sensitive skin should try these remedies only after consulting a dermatologist. However, these are all natural remedies and are safe too. Share and like this article to spread this information to others.