To stay fit your diet chart should be like this

To stay fit your diet chart should be like this,It is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy. Anyway, in today's time people are so busy


It is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy. Anyway, in today's time people are so busy that they do not even get time to keep themselves healthy. By doing this he is playing with his health and making his body a home of diseases. Sometimes excessive work becomes a cause of stress for you.

To stay fit your diet must be right:

If you want to keep your body healthy then you need a healthy diet because only then you can keep yourself healthy. The human body requires a limited amount of carbohydrates, fats, water and proteins to remain healthy. There should be a balanced amount of food in your diet.

If you do this then your whole body will develop properly. Your food provides a variety of nutrients, such as carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc. By eating good food, the level of nutrition in your body remains right. When you make changes in your diet, it directly affects your health.

If you think your health should be taken seriously, start with your diet. You can take control of your health and fitness through diet. In this busy life, it is inevitable to feel weak and tired due to lack of proper food and drink.

Everyone wants to make a diet plan according to their daily routine, but in the absence of the right guide, it is not possible to do so. So now you get rid of this tension because we are telling you such a diet plan, by following which you can keep yourself fit.

Also, keep in mind that whenever you follow a diet plan, the most important thing is that you should consume the things mentioned in the diet plan according to its quantity, only then you will be able to keep yourself more healthy.

The human body needs nutritious food to stay healthy, only then it can do any work properly. Whenever you do any work, do not take any kind of stress at that time, because it affects your health badly.

Keep the morning diet like this:

Avoid having heavy meals early in the morning. Although most people eat heavy and fried foods since morning, which is wrong. Drink a glass of skim milk after waking up in the morning. Apart from this, 3 to 4 almonds should be eaten with milk.

Breakfast Time:

It is breakfast time, most of the people start their work at this time. For breakfast, you can have sprouted grains or plate mix or vegetable upma. Along with this, taking green tea or a glass of juice will also be beneficial.

Make your lunch like this:

It is lunch time at 12 noon. You can eat food during this time. The plate can contain two breads with bran, a bowl of peeled lentils, half a bowl of rice, a bowl of green vegetables, a bowl of curd, a plate of salad. They are rich in nutrients which keep the body healthy. You can drink plenty of water 10-15 minutes after eating.

Eat something light between 3-4 o'clock:

About three hours after lunch, you should have a light breakfast. A plate of bhel or two biscuits with tea, any one seasonal fruit (apple, orange, raw jam, pomegranate, pear etc.). Cucumber, watermelon consumption will be more beneficial in summer. These things will prove to be helpful in keeping your body hydrated. You can also drink a glass of juice in summer.

Night means dinner:

You can have lunch like food in dinner. Make sure not to include rice in large quantities in the dinner. In this, lentils, two chapatis, light rice, a cup of curd and a plate of salad would be good. Eating about three hours before sleeping at night will be more beneficial. Due to this the food gets digested well and there is no constipation and acidity.

Just before bedtime:

Take a fruit or half a glass of milk, about an hour after dinner, you can also take juice. The diet chart has been made but it is also necessary to follow it. Follow the diet chart regularly. Drink more and more water. Along with this, never forget to do morning walk and do some exercise.


In today's time people are consuming a lot of fast food. Which is becoming the cause of many diseases in their body. That's why you should take a healthy diet which helps you to keep your body healthy. We hope that the above information will help you in achieving a better health.

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